Mehlen Wildrose
Mehlen Wildrose
Mehlen Wildrose
Mehlen Wildrose
Mehlen Wildrose
Mehlen Wildrose

Wild roses

Wild roses are valuable representatives of the native flora in free nature,...

... natural gardens, farmhouse gardens and for enthusiasts. They enchant with their short but intensive blossom, frequently accompanied by light scent, wonderfully decorative fruit and often remarkable leaves and shoots.

Wild roses are feed plants for numerous types of bird, bees and other insects.

Some types of wild roses are:

  • Rosa arvensis – field rose
    ground-cover or climbing, late white blossom
  • Rosa blanda – prairie rose
  • Rosa corymbifera - hedge rose
  • Rosa majalis – cinnamon rose
    medium-high, strong pink blossom
  • Rosa micrantha –small-flowered sweet briar
    strong growth, pink blossom
  • Rosa canina – dog rose
    strong growth, pink blossom, common
  • Rosa multiflora – many-flowered rose
    medium-high growth, numerous scented white flowers
  • Rosa rubiginosa – sweet briar
    strong growth, pink blossom
  • Rosa carolina – carolina rose
    Forms runners, dark decorative blossom
  • Rosa gallica – French rose
    remains small, runners, large, scented flowers, hairy fruit
  • Rosa elliptica
    medium high, round fruit
  • Rosa glauca – red-leaved rose
    high, srong growth, dark red leaves, intensive blossom colour
  • Rosa jundzilli
    medium-high, pale pink blossom
  • Rosa tomentosa
    almost white blossom, very felt-like leaves
  • Rosa villosa – apple rose
  • Rosa vosagiaca – Vogesen rose
    low growth height, light bluish leaf
  • Rosa moyesii
  • Rosa nitida – shining rose
  • Rosa pendulina – mountain rose
    medium-high growth, intensive red blossom, bottle-shaped fruit
  • Rosa pimpinellifolia – Burnet rose
    medium-high growth, cream-white flowers, black fruit
  • Rosa rugosa – rugosa rose
    forms runners, white, pink to red flowers, large fruits
  • Rosa rugosa 'Alba' – white rugosa rose
    forms runners, white flowers, large fruits
  • Rosa rugotida